Modern History Of Hawaii

The most well-known location in the world for astronomy is Mauna Kea, a shield volcano that created part of the island of Hawaii. Astronomy is a symbol of both Polynesian History and Modern History of Hawaii.

Course Design:

Modern History of Hawaii (CHR1100) is a semester course that includes historical understanding of change, continuity, and causality of important historical events that range from Kamehameha's revolution to the breaking of the Kapu against men and women eating together; from the arrival of the Missionaries to the the Great Mahele; from the Bayonet Constitution to the overthrow of Hawaii's monarchy; from the plantation system and the impact of World War II to the rise of the Democratic Party and contemporary people, issues, and events.

In addition to reading selections from the textbook A History of Hawaii, students will also complete weekly current events, daily writing journals, mapping assignments, movie or music assignments, and a research paper.

Iolani Palace (completed 1882)